The system design must reflect the high level decisions outlined in the assessment and next to the assessment it is the second most important phase of your project.

Eighty/20 Design Phase

At this stage the consultant will deliver the Detailed Specifications. This is a document that includes a flow chart of the new process and a detailed list of the data that will be required.

The Scheduling Road Map document is designed to explain at a higher level how the new scheduling system will impact each of the functional areas that interact with the scheduling system. This is really important and must not be glossed over because the real success of your system depends on changing the way companies work together. Those that can’t change will miss out on the really big benefits of your new APS system.

It is the consultant’s responsibility to review both the Detailed Specifications and the Scheduling Road Map with the client. Although it makes no sense to move to the Development Phase without agreement from all the key people, there are times when it might be needed to build a prototype before finalizing all requirements. This is a better option than paralysis by analysis, which can kick in when people are unsure about their options. The prototype allows everyone to get a better understanding of how the new system will work.

The Development Prototype Phase

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