The implementation phase will turn up a number of issues that were not identified during the CRP so it is important for the first few days to have someone on site who can continue to fine tune the system.

Eighty/20 Implementation

The implementation phase starts with a “Go Live” plan of all the activities that need to be completed to turn off the old system and turn on the new system.

Whenever possible it makes a great deal of sense to run both systems in parallel. This allows you to validate the results you are getting from the new system against the old system before you turn off the old system.

Like the CRP, the “Go Live” plan should document a number of tests or reports that would validate how well the new system is working. Once all the tests have been validated then the system is considered to be “Live” although the consultant still needs to have someone available at short notice to fix any issues that may arise over the next few months

The Post Implementation Review

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