Any time spent by the user in the conference room pilot (CRP) will increase their comfort level and make their transition to the new system less stressful.

Eighty/20 Testing

A whole book can be written on this subject alone but the important thing to understand is that there needs to be two levels of testing.

Unit testing is designed to test the basic functionality of the software. Ideally unit tests should be identified in the design specs.

Integrated testing is designed to test the functionality of the integrated system and requires the tester to create a documented script for each possible business scenario such as what happens to a new order, a change order, and a deleted order. It is strongly recommended that the users be given responsibility for creating their own test scripts because this is a great way for them to learn how to use the new system and the best way we know of identifying any kinks in the new business process.

Each script should identify the source data, a list of the steps to be performed, and the expected results. Integrated tests are usually performed in a CRP. The idea is to get everyone who will be impacted by the new system into one room where they can interact with each other for a concentrated period of time. The CRP will usually take three to five days.

The Implementation Phase

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