The Little Blue Book On Scheduling

Mike Liddell, CEO of Lean Scheduling International announces the release of his book entitled, The Little Blue Book on Scheduling.


This book is mandatory reading for manufacturing executives and managers struggling to understand the fundamental changes they must put in place if their companies are to survive and succeed in a global economy that has access to an abundant supply of cheap labor.


The ideas presented here are built on the premise that successful companies in the future must compete and win with speed and it concludes that this is only possible with planning and scheduling systems that are able to instantly convert change into synchronized action plans.


Surprisingly enough the root problem is neatly summarized by Mike Tyson who once said that “Everyone has a plan until they get hit!”


A couple of hours spent reading this book will help anyone who is looking for a better way to schedule because many of the pitfalls can now be avoided. The lessons in this book can’t be found in textbooks or by studying the latest management theories because according to Mike Liddell, “These lessons are the result of almost twenty years of rolling up our sleeves, getting into the trenches and helping clients solve real scheduling problems.”


The Little Blue Book on Scheduling will guide it's readers though the process of selecting the right tool and seeking the best advice.


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