The Little Blue Book On Scheduling

How much should a company invest in a new scheduling system?


Conceptually this is actually a very easy question because I believe that it can be directly tied to the cost of losing one or more key customers. If this is the cost of not doing anything, and I believe it is, then it should make decision-making easier.


Although this sounds tough, there is some good news:


  1. It will probably cost much less to implement a good scheduling system than it will to lose even one key customer
  2. For the most part the new system will be a one time cost that will deliver results year after year
  3. The competition is probably in the same situation, so getting there first can give you a lasting competitive advantage leaving them playing the “me too” game


The best way to reduce risk is to find a partner that has scheduling expertise and that you can trust. The reality is that in order to be useful, the scheduling expert must have detailed experience with one or more APS solutions.


It is quite easy to find consultants who will give you high -level advice but typically what you need is someone who will roll up their sleeves and resolve complex day to day issues.


What I am trying to say is that it is far more important to do this right than it is to save a few dollars because the cost of designing it wrong or implementing it poorly will almost certainly be a complete waste of time and money with zero benefits.

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